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    1. 302-ENGLISH
    2. 336-DATA ENTRY
    3. 318-ECONOMICS
    4. 331-SOCIOLOGY
    5. 315-HISTORY

    About Us
    Salient Features of NIOS
    The Staff Management and Author Teachers associated with The OPEN PUBLICATIONS extend warm welcome to you for joining National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). The NIOS is one of the best Distant Learning systems of education not only in India but also in some other countries.

    For being at the top, a person, an organization or a system must have some excellent features. When we say that NIOS is the best distant-learning system of education, we rest our claim on certain features possessed by it. The following salient features of NIOS will convince you that the system enjoys superiority over other such system functioning in the country:

    * The system serves the student community throughout India and some other countries. In India, it reaches even those students who live in the remotest corner of the country and wish to be literate and be a party to the development and progress of the nation.

    * The system has been serving the student community for the past many years. The students and their guardians have recognized the worth of the system. Even the learned teachers have acknowledged the usefulness of the system.

    * The system provides and promotes Self-learning programme and helps those students to educate themselves who for one reason or the other cannot afford to join a school.

    * The study-material provided to the students by NIOS is prepared by the educationists of proven-worth. It is prepared keeping in mind the needs of the students of all intellectual levels. The study-material is divided into different modules and each module is sub-divided into lessons. Exercises are attached at the end of each lesson to enable the students udge their learning.

    * The certificates issued by the NIOS are valid for seeking admission to educational institutes for higher education in any field. They are equally valid for employment purposes in Govt. sector

    * NIOS is unique in all respects.

    Highly Useful Books Published by THE OPEN PUBLICATIONS

    THE OPEN PUBLICATIONS is one of the most reputed publications which have been serving the student community for the past many years. It publishes books especially for the students preparing for various examinations conducted by NIOS.

    * The OPEN PUBLICATIONS specialize in the publication of those books which are required by the students working for various examinations held by NIOS.

    * The books are published for all subjects. They are published for both English and Hindi medium students with some REGIONAL subjects like SANSKRIT, PUNJABI, URDU & BENGALI.

    * The books are authored by teaches of proven worth. The learned authors enjoy command on their subjects. While writing, the authors keep in mind the need and difficulties of the students of all intellectual levels.

    * The books are got prepared strictly according to the syllabus prescribed by NIOS. All types of questions with their complete answers are given, and explanations of difficult terms are given so that the students may understand the text without tears.

    * Sincere efforts are made to keep the text of the answers error-free.

    * The books are reasonably priced.

    We honestly hope that the salient features of the books published by The OPEN PUBLICATIONS will convince the teachers as well as the students to buy them and be benefited themselves to the most. Any suggestion for the improvement of the books will be thankfully received and acknowledged. We are wishing you a bright success in the examination and future life.

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